Whole Food Supplements

In the United States people as a whole eat poor quality food.  Many of us eat at least one meal at a fast food restaurant a week.  We eat a lot of pre-packaged meals and get our necessary whole grains from refined rice, processed breads, pastas and cereals.  We are not eating right and a great percentage of us are overweight.

The foods that we eat are not providing us with the minerals and vitamins we need to be healthy and stay healthy.  We eat plenty; buy not of the right things.  Americans stuff themselves with processed foods and are lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables and unprocessed whole grains.  Americans as whole suffer from heart attacks, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  Changing the way we eat, can change the way we live and the quality of life that we have.

If you are guilty of any of these eating habits, there is good news.  Our bodies are designed to repair themselves.  So, basically, it is not too late to change the way you eat or to start giving your body the necessary nutrients and vitamins it needs to be healthy.  To do this, we need to start living a healthier life style.  Start exercising on a regular basis, take vitamins and start taking whole food supplements.  Whole food supplements will supply your body with the necessary minerals and vitamins that we are not getting from our regular diet.

Whole food supplements if made correctly will provide your body with all the parts of the plant that are necessary to give your body the minerals and vitamins it is not getting from food.

Just like anything on the market today there are things that are better for you than others.  The same goes for whole food supplements.  Before purchasing a supplement you should contact a health food specialist or a physician.  They will be able to help you choose a supplement that is made from the best ingredients.  If you choose to purchase a supplement on your own you need to check the label.  You need to make sure that they list of ingredients that are closest to that of whole foods.  For example, if the list includes things such as:  rice protein powder, buckwheat, Brussels sprout and kale, then you have found a whole food supplement that is composed mostly of whole foods.  If you find a supplement that has a list of ingredients that include:  magnesium oxide, lectin, or riboflavin then you have found a supplement that is composed of ingredients that are a little more processed.  You want to consume a supplement that is most like the whole food.

Stay healthy and treat your body right.  It is the only one you are going to get.

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