Vitamin D3 Benefits And Your Health

Vitamin D3 benefits the body quite a lot. As health is becoming more of a concern in people’s lives, it’s quite common to think of supplements as a tool for maintaining a healthy body. Vitamins and minerals are often associated with food supplements. Below are some of the information on vitamin D3 benefits and how does it help in your health.

Actually, there are two type of vitamin D and they are vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. Contrary to other vitamins, vitamin D can be produced from the body naturally. It is the ultraviolet ray in the sun that causes the body to synthesize more vitamin D upon sunlight exposure. Vitamin D3 benefits the body by playing a major role in keeping many organs in good condition and ensures proper body function. It controls the regulation of calcium and phosphorus in the blood and the rate of absorption of these minerals from the intestines. Combining vitamin D with vitamin K is vital in keeping calcium in the blood under control and protection against osteoporosis.

This method is also recommended as it will prevention calcification of the arteries and veins (the tissue of the heart hardens which will cause danger of heart attacks and other problems of the blood circulation system) and supplies calcium to the bones to keep them strong. Taking vitamin D supplements with calcium is better than just calcium alone in helping the bones to mineralize better. Besides that, vitamin D reduces hormones being secreted in the parathyroid system and assist in the well-being of body’s defence system.

Low vitamin D levels can occur due to lack of intake of foods with vitamin D or supplementation or limited connection with sunlight (or medical issues that affect the absorption of the vitamins). Lack of vitamin D will result in impairment in the function of the kidneys, liver and other vital organs, that is why supplements are often recommended by physicians. This further shows how much vitamin D3 benefits the body. The next thing to do is to look for ways to replenish the vitamins in the body and the symptoms will occur less in time. Fifteen to twenty minutes per day of sunlight exposure is enough to obtain the body to produce the right amount of vitamin D3.

Fish would be the ideal food to have adequate intake of vitamin D even though other foods like milk are fortified with the vitamins. Soy products as well as cereals are also fortified with vitamin D. Vitamin D3 benefits the body by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the symptoms of the disease stop coming. The news of how vitamin D3 benefits the body have stirred more interest among scientists. As low vitamin D levels are related with high blood pressure and blood sugar problems, kidney failure patients and other studies have recommended that increased levels of vitamin D3 benefits those people who are having similar problems to help them achieve better quality of life.

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