Important Features in an Elliptical Exercise Machine

I haven’t been taking care of myself recently, and it shows. I’m doing everything a bit slower, I get winded from climbing stairs, and I’m now soft around the middle. I want to reverse this trend while I can, which means I’ve got to get on a good fitness program soon. Unfortunately, I have bum knees because of old sports injuries, so I’m rather limited in terms of the kinds of exercises I can do. Running is definitely out because of the high-impact nature of the activity. Swimming would be ideal, but I obviously wouldn’t be able to do it at home. That leaves me with a couple of options, such as a treadmill or an elliptical exercise machine.

Though I have plenty of experience with treadmills, I don’t know much about ellipticals. Before I make a purchase, I definitely want to do some research to make sure I’m getting the kind of product that can help me get fit and lose weight without putting undue pressure on my knees. Treadmills provide a great way to walk or run indoors, but they’re almost as hard on the joints as asphalt, so I don’t think I’ll be buying one of those.

Anyway, there are a few features I want to make sure my new elliptical exercise machine has. First of all, I need whatever equipment I buy to be relatively quiet. I live in a condo and have neighbors above and below me. Since I’m planning to use my elliptical exercise machine in the early morning before I go to work, I can’t have it making an ungodly amount of noise. I know cheap fitness machines are usually pretty noisy, so I’m willing to spend a little extra here.

A second feature I want is movable handles so my arms get a workout, too. These handles are not standard on all ellipticals, but they probably should be. With motion handles, my workout will become comparable to cross country skiing, which of course is a fantastic way to burn extra calories. As long as I’m going to be exercising anyway, I want to make the most of my time and use up as many calories as possible.

And finally, I want my elliptical exercise machine to be able to operate in forward and reverse. Again, not all machines have this feature, but it is an essential one for working out a different set of muscles and for preventing repetitive motion type injuries that might arise from doing the same thing over and over.

These are the three features that are most important to my situation and needs, and the ones I’ll be looking for as I shop for my new elliptical exercise machine. If you’re also checking out ellipticals, I recommend that you consider these features as well as price, size, and consumer reviews before spending a dime of your hard earned money