Do You Know About The Hoodia Gordonii Plant?

In South Africa, there’s a cactus like plant that grows in the Kalahari desert with some unique qualities.  Hoodia Gordonii is the name of this cactus like plant.

The Hoodia Gordonii plant does have prickly spines and flowers, and is considered to to be ‘juicy’, very much like cactus, but this plant is not part of the cactus family.  Still, it’s often referred to as the ‘hoodia cactus plant’.

Since being discovered in 2004, there’s been a lot of hoopla over the hoodia gordonii plant.  What this has been about is whether hoodia can truly be an aid to weight loss.

As one could expect, Hoodia Gordonii became available almost everywhere. It’s now found in health food stores in a variety of forms – tablets, capsules, powder, and liquid forms – and can be easily purchased by those seeking the benefits of the hoodia plant. If it’s not available in a health food store near you, it’s really quite easy to purchase it on the Net.

Naturally, with any newly discovered diet aid, there are always questions about its’ effectiveness. The effectiveness of the hoodia gordonii plant (being used in diet pills) as a weight loss aid was once tested by a reporter. She traveled to South Africa for the sole purpose of using the hoodia plant, just like the Bushmen do, to verify the effectiveness of the hoodia plant. First hand, ‘hands on’, experience is what she was after. She did try the hoodia plant while there, and reported that it tasted a lot like a cucumber, and wasn’t bad at all.

She also reported that what she experienced was just as the San tribe have claimed for many years. She stated that were no cravings for water or food for the entire day, and that there were no ill effects from eating the hoodia gordonii plant.

Tests have also been conducted in the UK using two groups of volunteers. One group was the control group, and they took a placebo. The other group took the hoodia gordonii pills. These volunteers could only watch TV, eat, and read. The group that took the hoodia pills ate less, and they lost weight. They reportedly had less of an appetite, resulting in their eating less. And, it was reported that they thought less about food than normal. The study attributed this to the hoodia pills.

Based on these items, is it not logical to say that Hoodia Gordonii is an appetite suppressant?

But, just how does hoodia gordonii help you lose weight?

What normally happens when you eat is that the food is turned into glucose.  This causes the glucose level to rise, and that’s the signal to the brain that you’ve had enough to eat. Hoodia Gordonii contains something referred to as the ‘P57 molecule’.  It’s reported that this p57 molecule is as much as 10,000 times stronger than glucose in producing this signal to the brain. This is what causes you to eat less when taking hoodia.

In addition to this particular benefit, there are many reports that those taking the hoodia gordonii diet pill lose the ‘nagging’ desire to eat. There are those of us who may experience a feeling of fullness, but we eat anyway. For any number of reasons. Some because of emotional reasons, societal influence, or just being around food in certain situations. There are report indicating that some people eat because of emotional reasons, rather than eating more from actual, physical hunger.

By removing the craving for food, it can be seen that hoodia pills help an individual ‘break’ the emotional attachment to eating. Most report that their desire to eat is lessened after taking hoodia gornonii.

By eating less and less often, better (healthier) food choices can be made.  By having less of an appetite, then weight loss becomes easier from eating less unhealthy food, and more healthy food. It becomes easier to make healthier food choices. When the time is right to no longer take the hoodia pill, making better food choices helps to maintain weight loss and not feel deprived.

Keep these things in mind why you decide to buy Hoodia:

– There are around twenty species of the hoodia family. Be sure the label of the product you’re purchasing clearly states ‘Hoodia Gordonii”.

– Don’t buy hoodia with buffers, fillers, ephedra, or any other ‘ nasty stuff’.

– Don’t buy Hoodia not grown in South Africa. It’s reported to be of inferior quality.

– Look for a CITES certificate. This is one of the more important documents to look for. It’s proof that you’re purchasing authentic Hoodia Gordonii. This certificate is issued to only those who purchase Hoodia from the known farms in South Africa.

– Look for a Certificate of Analysis. This is the proof that the Hoodia you’re buying is 100% pure hoodia.

If you follow these few suggestions, you will be assured that you’re buying Hoodia Gordonii of high quality.


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