Discount Creatine

Creatine is a non-protein amino acid that is produced by the human body. It is produced by the liver, kidneys and pancreas from existing amino acids and from the food we take. Creatine helps in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is a major source of energy for the body. The body produces 2-4g of Creatine daily. The main food sources of Creatine are fish and red meat.

Creatine is used as a dietary and food supplement, especially by sports people. The ability of Creatine to generate sudden bursts of energy when the body is exerted makes it an effective drug for people participating in sports like weightlifting, wrestling or sprinting. Creatine content in the body can be improved marginally by consuming more red meat and fish. But for some extra Creatine, most people depend on Creatine supplements available in the form of tablets, capsules or powder. Creatine supplements are approved by the FDA as a food supplement and are considered to be as safe as vitamin supplements though caution should be taken regarding the dosage. However, taking too much Creatine is also not very harmful as the body can absorb only a certain quantity and the rest is expelled from the body through the kidneys.

There are several Creatine supplement products in the market today. These are available in different forms and sizes meant for different kinds of people. Creatine supplements are available in different flavors and even in chewable forms. Discount Creatine supplements are also available at lower prices. There are many websites over the Internet that offer advice about discount Creatine. The products can also be ordered online. Wholesale dealers are another source of obtaining discount Creatine. Buying by bulk proves to be generally much cheaper.

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