Benefits of Vitamin D3 Supplements

Vitamin D3 supplements, like any other vitamin supplements, are now being widely used by people everywhere as they become more concerned with their health and well-being. Vitamins and minerals play an important part in health supplements. For more understanding, below is a more detailed information about the benefits of Vitamin D3 supplement.

Vitamin D comes from the fat soluble groups of prohormones and it has two main forms, vitamin D2 and D3. When the skin is contact with sunlight, vitamin D will be produced. Unlike any other vitamins, it can be made in the body. Ultraviolet B radiation that comes along with the rays of the sun is the main cause of vitamin D production in the body. One of vitamin D’s main function is the maintenance of multiple vital organs and bodily processes. It also helps on the regulation of phosphorus and calcium levels in the blood and its absorption from the food.

In the kidney, vitamin D also helps to recycle calcium by reabsorbing it from being wasted before it is disposed from the body. The combination of vitamin C and K plays an important role in controlling calcium levels in the blood which helps in prevention of osteoporosis. With the combination of vitamin C and K together, not only it will reduce the risk of the hardening of the blood arteries and veins, but also supply our bones with calcium to make it stronger. Studies have shown that the combination of both Vitamin D and calcium helps bone mineralization better than taking calcium itself. Other than the benefit to the bones, Vitamin D also helps in preventing parathyroid hormone secretion and also aids in the functions of the immune system.

If our body does not receive adequate exposure of sunlight, or does not receive adequate amounts of food or supplements, it could lead to Vitamin D deficiency. Sometimes, supplementation of Vitamin D is suggested by physicians as lack of it could affect the liver, kidney, and other organs that are essential for life. Therefore, the way to avoid deficiency of Vitamin D3 supplement is to have a minimum exposure of sunlight everyday for 15-20 minutes a day for the body to receive an adequate amount.

Fish is one of the foods that is naturally abundant that is comparable with vitamin D3 supplement. Nowadays most milk and its related products are fortified with vitamin D3 supplement so as to increase the availability to people. Soy product and cereals are also fortified with vitamin D3 supplement. One of the benefits of Vitamin D is that it helps in prevention of cardiovascular disease and may contribute to the remission of cancer. The benefit of Vitamin D3 supplement has caused scientists and consumers to learn the usefulness of it. Usually low levels of Vitamin D are mostly related to diabetes, high blood pressure and patients who undergo dialysis. Researchers suggested that people who are suffering from complications or similar chronic and degenerative diseases to live longer, they should have more intake of Vitamin D3 supplement.

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